Top 51 World Continuous Testing Leaders and Software Testing Blogs to Follow in 2018

As we’re close to the first half of 2018, it is a great time for quality managers, developers in the mobile and web industry, and executives to freshen up their list of followers and blogs they follow or at least validate that they are not missing an important one – It’s free to follow :).

Why is that important? The market is undergoing dramatic changes towards DevOps, Continuous Testing and modern testing processes, and the below folks (and myself included (@ek121268) can be a great supporting asset in practitioners journey to mature CI, CD, and CT.

In the past years, I was humbled to be in the major lists of thought leaders and influencers to follow around continuous testing, test automation and mobile. Being in the industry for quite some time, I hope I have a close to ultimate list of people and blogs for you guys to take note.

Key People to follow (order is arbitrary)

  1. Richard Bradshaw, CEO, Ministry of Testing  @FriendlyTester || Blog || LinkedIn
  2. Jonathan Lipps, Founding Principal at Cloud Grey, Appium Architect & project lead @jlipps || Blog || LinkedIn
  3. Alan Page, QA Director at Unity Technologies @alanpage || Blog || LinkedIn
  4. Alan Richardson, Agile testing and automation consultant. Speaker, author and coach@EvilTester || Blog || LinkedIn
  5. Simon Stewart, Principal software engineer at Deliveroo, core contributor to Selenium@shs96c || Blog || LinkedIn
  6. Dave Haeffner, Selenium expert, author of elemental selenium, speaker @TourDeDave || Blog || LinkedIn
  7. Jim Evans, Principal member of technical staff at Salesforce, selenium core contributor, speaker @jimevansmusic || Blog || LinkedIn
  8. David Burns – Engineering manager at Mozilla, Core contributor to Selenium, Speaker, author @AutomatedTester || Blog || LinkedIn
  9. Gil Tayar – Evangelist and senior architect at Applitools @giltayar || Blog || LinkedIn
  10. Amir Rozenberg, Senior director of Product Management at Perfecto, @Amir_Rozenberg || Blog || LinkedIn
  11. Joe Colantonio, Founder of TestTalks, Guild conferences (Automation, Perf, AI), Speaker, Author  @jcolantonio || Blog || LinkedIn
  12. Angie Jones, Senior automation engineer (SDET) at Twitter, Speaker, Author, Innovator  @techgirl1908 || Blog || LinkedIn
  13. Greg Sypolt, Director of quality engineering at Gannett/USA Today @gregsypolt || Blog || LinkedIn
  14. Oren Rubin, Founder and CEO at, @shexman || Blog || LinkedIn
  15. Jason Arbon, CEO at, speaker, author @jarbon || Blog || LinkedIn
  16. Dan Belcher, Co-Founder at Mabl, @belcherdan || Blog || LinkedIn
  17. JeanAnn Harrison, Software QA engineer at Thales group, speaker, author  @JA_Harrison || Blog || LinkedIn
  18. Mike Lyles, Director of QA and project management at Bridgetree @mikelyles || Blog || LinkedIn
  19. Moshe Milman, Co-Founder and COO at Applitools, speaker  @MosheMilman || Blog || LinkedIn
  20. Bas Dijkstra, Test automation consultant,  @_basdijkstra || Blog || LinkedIn
  21. Wim Selles, Mobile test automation engineer at Tele 2, Speaker, Author  @wswebcreation || Blog || LinkedIn
  22. Lisa Crispin, Tester at Pivotal labs, author, speaker  @lisacrispin || Blog || LinkedIn
  23. Ashely Hubsburger, QA product architect at Blackboard @aahunsberger || LinkedIn
  24. Ann Hungate, President and principal consultant at Daring Systems @annehungate || Blog || LinkedIn
  25. Daniel Knott, Lead software test engineer at Xing  @dnlkntt || Blog || LinkedIn
  26. Jonathon Wright, Co-Founder and CTO at Digital Assured, Speaker, Author  @Jonathon_Wright || Blog || LinkedIn
  27. Adam Carmi, Co-Founder and VP R&D at Applitools, Speaker, Author  @carmiadam || Blog || LinkedIn
  28. Dan Cuellar, Software test engineer at Apple, Founder of Appium, Speaker   @thedancuellar || Blog || LinkedIn
  29. Uzi Eilon, CTO at Perfecto  @UziEilon || Blog || LinkedIn
  30. John Ferguson Smart,  Director consultant, author of BDD in action, speaker @wakaleo || Blog || LinkedIn
  31. Nikolay Advoodkin,  Selenium expert, CEO at Ultimate QA, Speaker, Author   @Nikolay_A00 || Blog || LinkedIn
  32. Scot Nimrod, Founder of bizmonger  @bizmonger || Blog || LinkedIn
  33. Katrina Clokie, Test practice manager at BNZ, SPeaker, Author @katrina_tester || Blog || LinkedIn
  34. Lee Barnes, Founder and CTO at Utopia Solution, Speaker, Author  @USI_LeeBarnes || Blog || LinkedIn
  35. Bob Galen, Director, agile practices at Zenergy Technologies, speaker, author  @USI_LeeBarnes || Blog || LinkedIn
  36. Mark Tomlinson, Performance engineer and architect at Paypal,  speaker, blogger, podcast host, @bobgalen || Blog || LinkedIn
  37. Paull Merrill, Principal software development engineer in test at Beaufort Fairmont, speaker, blogger  @dpaulmerrill || Blog || LinkedIn
  38. Greg Paskal, Director of QA at Ramsey Solutions, @GregPaskal || Blog || LinkedIn
  39. Paul Grizzaffi, Principal automation architect at Magenic   @pgrizzaffi || Blog || LinkedIn
  40. Mark Fink, DevOps engineer at Uniserv   @markfink || Blog || LinkedIn
  41. Rosie Sherry, Founder of Ministry of Testing  @rosiesherry || Blog || LinkedIn
  42. Paul Grossman, Automation architect at TEKSystems   @DarkArtsWizard || LinkedIn
  43. Diego La Guidice,  VP, principal analyst at Forestter @dlogiudice || Blog || LinkedIn
  44. Wilson Mar, Principal DevOps Performance evangelist at JetBloom  @wilsonmar || Blog || LinkedIn
  45. Manoj Kumar, Senior technical consultant at Applitools, committer at Selenium, Speaker  @manoj9788 || Blog || LinkedIn
  46. Jenniffer Bonine, VP of global delivery and solutions at TapQA   @Jennifer_Bonine || Blog || LinkedIn
  47. Jeffery Payne, CEO at Coveros  @jefferyepayne || Blog || LinkedIn
  48. Mary Thorn, President at Mary Thorn consulting, Speaker  @MaryHThorn || Blog || LinkedIn
  49. Ash Coleman, Engineering manager at Credit Karma  @AshColeman30 || Blog || LinkedIn
  50. Dave West, CEO and product owner at, speaker  @DavidJWest || Blog || LinkedIn
  51. Adam Auerbach, VP of Assurance Practice at EPAM Systems, Speaker  @Bugman31 || Blog || LinkedIn



I may have forgotten few folks, and if i did, it wasn’t intentional – feel free to point me to the ones i missed, and i will be happy to include.


Happy Testing in 2018 and Beyond!


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